Friday, April 29, 2011

The Power of Self-Love

Yes, self-love. Get your mind out of the gutter! haha. I'm talking about the difference between being completely miserable and waking up every morning happy, confident and ready to take on the World. I learned from an early age that not everyone's going to like you, everyday is not going to be sunny and pleasing everyone is impossible. As a child I remember being teased about how skinny I was and wearing glasses. I'd get into ridiculous fights with kids deliberately trying to push my buttons. One day I said to myself, Why am I indulging in this ignorance? I'm a naturally happy person and ill be damn if I'm going to waste precious time and energy on such insolence. (I didn't quite say it like that as a kid but you catch my drift haha) 

Unfortunately even as adults we still can't escape the negativity. Here's where self-love comes into play. It's truly the only way to keep your moral alive and keep from being attacked by any and everything that may come your way in life. Be self validating. Everyone has value and something to bring to the table of life. It may sound corny or cliche but it's true. You'd be surprised how much what you think you don't have reflects on the outside. You can try to hide it but people can smell insecurity a mile away. And what is there to be insecure about? Last time I checked we were all just flesh and blood trying to make it. You have to wear your confidence like an armor. Not cockyness but confidence. Show people the same respect you would want in return. You have to find things that make you happy so when unfavorable events do occur you will have an outlet to relieve the stress. Another person can not be your outlet. 

Optimism is definitely the key. There's no crystal ball to predict the outcomes. Put your best foot forward and believe in you, even when no one else does. You might say "Yea whatever easy for you to say, you're a model" but I've had my fare share of daggers in my back. I made the choice to no longer let hatred penetrate. In my opinion it's the only choice any of us have in order to make it out of this life alive. So love yourself it makes life a whole lot easier.

Photo Credit Ludget Delcy


Jennifer Alyssa said...

Love this post. Great advice. Beautiful picture by the way!

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Thank you I appreciate your support! :)

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Great advice as I am currently in a grrrrr mood! Just went through your blog and all I can say is WOW! Quite refreshing, amazing, stunning! Am your new follower of course :)

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