Thursday, May 19, 2011

When Venus meets Mars: Relationship Advice

I've been receiving a lot of relationship questions from young women lately so I decided to share my take on the subject. It might be a bit explicit but i'm just keeping it real. Remember this is strictly my thoughts and opinions. Enjoy!

I don't claim to be a "Relationship Guru" but I think I know a lil somethin' somethin'.
Being a young single woman can be tricky. On one hand you want to be in a relationship, everyone wants and needs a companion. One the other hand being young and single is great! Having a man in your life should enhance the quality of your life not stress you out and bring you down. By enhancing I don't mean monetarily I mean emotionally, physically and spiritually. If a man isn't there to protect you, cherish you and be your best friend in good times and bad, then he's just a bag of bones standing in your way. Life is stressful as is so why have a man just for the sake of having one? Unless he's a positive addition to your life he's a waste of time. 

Don't give more than you get and never relinquish your power to sooth his insecurities. Women are suckers for emotionally unavailable and insecurity infested men.  You're not his mother and you don't need a fixer upper. The last thing you want is a guy you have to teach and reprimand over and over again. Do you want a man or a damn puppy? After giving your all to gain his attention and win him over you will end up physically and emotionally worn out. Possibly even resent him. A real man will know how to treat you and will not lead you on. He will give you the respect you deserve. There will be no guessing games because he will tell you that you're special and that he loves and cares for you. Men know exactly what they need to do to create and maintain a healthy relationship. So let's stop making excuses for their short comings. 

Men think they deserve our trust and respect off the bat. Maybe I'm old fashion but make him prove himself to you. You are not a pussy discount store open 24/7 providing all his needs for next to nothing in return. He's suppose to make you feel special not like your just an option and easily replaced. When the right man comes along you will know. You will feel wanted and pursued. Nothing will stop him from putting a smile on your face. Your needs will come first because he's a man. Men don't realize how the simple things make us most happy but when he does he will do the little things that make you smile all the time. They need to remember that God created woman from mans rib not the other way around. 

I'm not telling you to use and abuse men nor to be a house wife waiting for him to bring home the bacon. Just let men be men and take responsibility for their actions. I know it's hard because woman are nurturers and when we see a wounded soul we want to mend it but men do not respond to being babied. When is the last time you saw a man marry a woman for her inadequacies? So why do we pick the man in the finest package with the most issues and propose to make him into a desirable partner? Patience is a virtue ladies. I promise he's out there. Let him find you.

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I've learned a lot from your advices and tips. Even if you don't consider yourself as a relationship or love guru, I admire you for giving these useful and very informative tips. I think you deserve to be called a "guru". I agree that women should let their men take responsibilities for their actions but do not allow men to make you under. This will surely result to a long lasting relationship.