Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Write-Up From the Good Folks Over at Atrium NYC

I just recieved a very nice write-up from Atrium NYC on their A List Blog entitled "The Ones to Watch". It feels very good to be recognized for my talents. I truly appreciate it. Check it out below...

The Ones to Watch

Liz Coicou

A former Wilhelmina model Liz Coicou had mastered the ins and outs of  the fashion industry while most of us were just learning to drive.  Now an industry veteran, Liz knows her way around a fashion closet.   Her feminine masculinity and approach to style is a constant source of inspiration. 
Look to Liz to show you new ways to mix up your wardrobe and often a little dose of wisdom as well.

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sharmalynsexyb said...

Yesssss so proud of you hun