Sunday, June 19, 2011

Be an Inspirational Woman

I'm inspired when a woman can be herself and express herself. Often times women follow the trend and down play their abilities out of fear of rejection or being misunderstood  by the world. As women we are not expected to provide anything more than beauty and physical gratification. Substance is so unappreciated that most women don't even try anymore. They remain surface because it seems safer but in the long run its just damaging to your self esteem and integrity. 

We need to understand that we set the tone for how men treat us and how the world perceives us. Take a note from men. They do what makes them happy first and worry about a relationship second. Lets start making our happiness a priority too. Constantly worry about your weight, looks, material things and the fact that you're single can't possibly be making you happy. We drive ourselves crazy concentrating on the "what ifs". Learn to be yourself and just let shit be. The world will see your value you don't have to show your assets to get its attention. 

I know that as a model people would rather see my photos and know what I am wearing instead of reading my writing but I wont let that stop me from expressing myself and showing that I am multi faceted. Take Miss Badu for example we all know she has a beautiful face and a big booty but her intelligence and creativity are undeniable. She demands and gets the respect she deserves for her work not just her looks.  Now that's something to be inspired by. 

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Maleiva said...

Thank you. We need to be reminded sometimes.