Monday, August 29, 2011

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I recently shot a look book for the womenswear line Plutocracy. Congratulations to designer Anitra Michelle for the Vogue feature. 

Brooklyn based designer Anitra Michelle created Plutocracy to appeal to, "women who have places to go, things to do, but always want something a little bit different for their wardrobe." For Spring/Summer 2011, she offers the career woman wide palazzo pants and slim pencil skirts in gray raw silk uplifted by swaths of zebra and herringbone, vibrant kimono sleeved shifts in teal and cherry red, and printed cowl neck jumpsuits with tapered hems.

Describing the collection as “hard edged with a touch of whimsy and mystery,” Michelle says, “The plutocracy woman is pretty but professional. I want her to grab a dress, get jewelry and shoes, and be ready to go. The focus (for this season) was on colors and shapes.” For the daring, she provides printed pants and shorts muted by simple black tops. The more demure can find joy in simple belted white dresses or lace lined loosely woven gray shifts with large flower accents.

Article Credit Claire Sulmers

Monday, August 8, 2011


It's all about perception. Am I a scared little girl, or a strong young woman who has been through the fire and back pushing forward with caution. I trust my instincts. I want to see the good in all beings. If I let you into my world will I regret the day I thought we could be? I want to receive the love you have to give but in the beginning my heart retreats instinctively. I want to feel security and comfort from an open mind and heart. Don't penalize me because I guard my heart and soul. They've been broken and misused so many times that I thank God my spirit is still alive. Blood still joyfully runs through me. I can care, sympathize, love and be loved. I have feeling in this world where being numb seems to be most useful. No camouflage, I provide complete nudity. I see you staring at me, but do you see me? I don't care to be understood but once I care for you I want YOU to understand me. I reserve my vulnerability for those who deserve it. Those who will reciprocate without me having to break it down into Layman's Terms. I'm not afraid but l am human. Don't judge my disposition, it's merely your perception.

Photo Credit Ludget Delcy

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life Is A Beach

I feel completely free at the beach. Time to reflect, meditate and be thankful for life. 

Coral Racer Back Dress Echo
Gold Bikini Island Company
Location Fort Tilden Beach 

Photo Credit Ludget Delcy