Friday, February 22, 2013

My First Ayahuasca Experience...

My Creative Writing Piece, Written While Under The Care Of Ayahuasca

(Word for word)

Work on healing me before I try healing others. Get to be one with myself. Work harder at healing you. Be that example you keep talking about. Stop trying to look outward for your sight. Only I can stop myself from seeing. I am letting the outside world stop me from seeing. Refocus! don’t let anything, non-life promoting, stop you, distract you.

In the midst of being so strong I am still waiting for someone to save me. I need to be my own catalyst and stop holding back my own powers. I am a healer who had forgotten how to heal herself. I know I have super powers but I block them. Too afraid to see the darkness and confusion within myself but I am becoming me a little more each day.

Patience, I need to practice patience. I am perfection, I have manifested any handicaps I have. Feel, don’t be afraid to feel. Acting and knowing is not feeling. Don’t be afraid to feel. You will not heal if you are too afraid to feel. Feel and be free…

Let your heart guide you, you don’t need just eyes to see. I am not afraid so why am I so afraid? Trust that you know. Don’t be afraid of your own strength. Don’t be afraid to be Super Human. I am stopping myself, get rid of the crutches! I am not blind, i'm just using unnecessary crutches.

I am ready to want life. I have been so strong and now its time to let go. I can take much, much more and I will be fine, unphased, filled with grace and poise. Ready to defend Love and Humanity to the death. Be what you want to see. I will change the unfavorable within me. Everyone needs to let go, DON’T INTERNALIZE ANYTHING EVER! You are perfection having a 3D Human experience.

I am strong look at all I do without properly functioning eyes. I WILL HEAL MYSELF! Allow myself to feel those moments. Your mind lives outside of you, objectively watching, picking on you. Laugh after every sad moment, it’s a joke. Life is a joke, a good or a bad one is up to you.

I FEEL EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY AND IT’S AMAZING. Don’t ever use smoking as a crutch. Be considerate, that wouldn’t be fair to yourself or the herb.

(I paused from writing and this is when I had an out of body experience. I was a Bee, from every view point. I was the Bee, I was watching the Bee and I could feel the Bee. The Bee was me, my spirit having a 3D Bee experience. Then I came back and purged, vomited, it was mind blowing. Beyond the description of words. I laughed and cried endlessly. The thoughts, emotions and words of wisdom continued to flow through me.)

I can't enjoy honey until the Bees enjoy making honey again. I FEEL EVERYTHING. I know I am psychic but I pretend I am not to protect myself. Refocus your energy into using your innate tools. Don’t take life so personally! Its an adventure. A journey. Practice crawling into your heart space. I pretend to be weak only for my own ego. I am the colored, female George Carlin. Be the person you would be without the trauma.

We are just people wanting to be Human. We are Human with the capabilities of Gods. We are Gods pretending to be robots. Realize Your Potential. I can't read my own writing right now hahaha! Be apart of the solution not the problem. Use your EYES. I like feeling, it feels good!